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“You have to learn to take the time” A.R


Les Invisibles
L'édition spéciale 

Lugo, l'ours de la tanière

La Tanière X Alexis Raoult


My drawings


Drawings Alexis Raoult, snow leopard, lion

Alexis Raoult was born in the Paris region in 1993. He is a young artist with a chaotic career. At sixteen, he entered a vocational high school, “Apprentis d’Auteuil”, for young people in difficulty. He is taught electricity. He spends his time drawing in his notebooks.

At eighteen, he left everything and moved to Brittany. He then worked odd jobs, always scribbling in notebooks. Entirely self-taught, Alexis Raoult decided to devote himself to his art and began his artistic career at the age of twenty-five, when a Parisian gallery exhibited him permanently and organized his first exhibitions. 

à propos.
Drawing Bonobo, alexis raoult

In just four years, he has exhibited in France and the United States, won several major drawing prizes and is one of the youngest artists to be purchased by a National Museum. His drawings allow him to express himself, assert himself, talk about what touches him.

Portrait Alexis Raoult

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